A Dietary Responsive Neurological Syndrome in Dogs

Recently Dr Tucker treated 2 dogs with neurological symptoms that completely resolved by feeding the dogs solely on a gluten-free diet.

Roxy, a 6-year- old Toy Poodle, who does have quite severe allergies, suddenly started having what appeared to the owner to be epileptic seizures. Roxy had 3 “seizures” over a 3-week period.
During the “seizures” Roxy did not lose consciousness, urinate or defecate, she recovered rapidly and there was no loss of muscle tone or consciousness. Instead Roxy had increased muscle tone or spasm which was aggravated by touch.

Phoebe an 18-month old Labrador who suddenly developed a benign vertical head bobbing, which seemed to be stimulated by excitement.

This syndrome is called Canine Cramping Syndrome (CCS). CCS is distinct from Canine Epilepsy. Epileptic dogs lose consciousness, usually urinate and defecate themselves, fits are not related to excitement and epilepsy is usually controlled with medication.
Whereas dogs with CCS do not lose consciousness, urinate or defecate themselves, are stimulated by touch or excitement and do not respond to anti-epileptic medication.

CCS is not life threatening but episodes may be very disturbing to observe and impinge on your dogs’ quality of life, so treatment is worthwhile pursuing.

Both Roxy and Phoebe became symptom-free after they transitioned completely onto a gluten-free diet.
We have 2 diets in stock for treating CCS. They are Hills D/D diet and Black Hawke Gluten-free.

If you think that your dog has any symptoms of CCS phone Kohimarama Veterinary Clinic and make an appointment to see either Russell or Loeti.

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