New Bravecto Spot-On For Dogs

We are very excited to announce the arrival of a new spot-on flea protection product for dogs. Many of you already use the Bravecto chews which provide 3 months continuous protection against fleas and ticks in one tasty chew.

Bravecto spot-on for dogs provides 6 months protection against fleas and 4 months protection against ticks. This is the longest acting flea treatment on the market.

It can be difficult to remember to keep up with all the treatments that your dog needs. With Bravecto spot-on for dogs you only need to treat twice a year, and we will send you a reminder message when your next dose is due. Simple as that!

Fleas can be a source of constant irritation to dogs, causing discomfort and itching. It can take a staggering 8 weeks or more to remove a flea infestation once it’s established. Despite what many people believe, it is important to keep flea treatment up year round. Even in winter, our pets’ environment, our home, doesn’t reach a low enough temperature to stop the flea cycle. We also need to remember to keep our feline friends up to date with flea treatment because even if we don’t see fleas on them, cats can harbour hidden fleas which can spread to dogs and other family members. Bravecto also comes in a spot-on for cats, lasting 3 months with a single application.

With Bravecto it’s now easier than ever to look after your family and manage fleas all year round.



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