Kitten and Puppies First Year

If you are the new owner of a puppy or kitten please click on the links below to read many of the recommendations from our vets to make sure that you have a happy healthy new pet.

For puppies:

For kittens:

When to desex your dog?
Not only does desexing your animal help in controlling the national population and stop your dog wandering, if done at the right time it also has some health benefits as well. Studies have shown that both male and female dogs who are not desexed or desexed later in life have a higher chance of getting various diseases as they get older, such as cancer. On the other side, if desexed too young a puppy’s growth can be impacted resulting in joint and bone problems later in life. We have created a flow chart that to help us understand the best time to give your pet the best chance in life.

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