Summer is coming, what should you be aware of?


  • Keep your pet’s vaccinations up to date. Catteries and kennels require that your animal’s vaccinations are current and usually the last inoculation given at least 2 weeks prior to the start date of your pets boarding.
  • High temperatures. Elderly and very young animals and brachycephalic (short snout breeds such us Pugs, French Bulldogs, etc.) are really sensitive to heat. Avoid exercising them in the middle of the day and always provide shade and fresh water.
  • Never leave your dog inside your car. Even with opened windows, the car temperature can cause your pet to suffer from heat shock, a life compromising situation which needs to be managed as an emergency.
  • Chocolate and raisin ingestion. Chocolate, really popular at this time of year, is toxic for animals, same as raisins. Leave them in a secure place and call the clinic on 521-1457 as soon as you find out that they have eaten them. Treatment varies if it was caught within the first hour of ingestion or after, the sooner the safest.
  • Don't leave presents containing chocolates under the Christmas tree, dogs have an acute sense of smell.
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