New Restricted Drug Regulations

The regulations that govern the dispensing and prescription of veterinary medicines by Veterinarians were updated in January 2020. These regulations are designed to keep our patients, the people involved in treating animals, veterinarians and the public safe from potential risks.
The main risk being the development of bacterial resistance which will spread to humans.

New Regulations,
1) For restricted veterinary medicine, the animals must have been examined by a veterinarian within the previous 6 months.
2) Within the previous 4 months for critically important antibiotics

Many of the ear medications that we dispense contain critically important antibiotics and will not be dispensed in the future without first doing ear swabs to determine that the infection warrants the use of these antibiotics. This also applies to many skin and urinary tract infections.
These precautions are taken to protect everybody against the development of transmissible antibiotic resistant bacteria.
We thank you for your cooperation.

(Note: we require 24 hours notice for all repeat prescriptions)

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