Update for Kohi Vet Clients under COVID-19 Alert Level Two

Update for Kohi Vet Clients under COVID-19 Alert Level Two

Once again we would like to say thank you to our wonderful clients for their tolerance and compliance of the protocols that we have put in place to ensure safety for our staff and the community during COVID-19 Alert Level Three.

When we change over to COVID-19 Alert Level Two on Thursday the 14th of May our safety protocols will stay in place. There will be a few changes.

We will still not be having any clients inside the consult room with the vet while your pet is being examined.

To make appointments please either email or phone 09 521 1457 to book appointments.

Once an appointment is made please fill in the online form on the first page of our website prior to your consultation.


When you arrive for your appointment please stay in your vehicle and phone reception to let us know that you are in the car park.  The nurse will then let you know when to come inside the clinic as we are only having three clients at a time inside the practice. When you walk in the door take a seat in one of the designated areas until the vet comes to talk to you.

If your pet is a dog the vet or nurse will take your dog to the scales to be weighed. Please remain seated while the vet examines your pet in the consult room. If there are any products you need to purchase please ask one of the nurses at reception to get these from the shelf.

We will have a protective barrier on the reception counter so that we can start taking payments on the eftpos machine.

For surgical procedures we will email your pet’s documents prior to the surgery date. Please sign and email back prior to the procedure. If you are unable to scan the documents just send an email confirming that you have read the document and that you give your consent for the procedure.

Please remember to keep your two metre distance. It is very important that we all stay safe so that this clinic can continue operating.

For repeat prescriptions please remember that we require at least 24hrs notice. If you would like to purchase food please phone us to make sure we do have the food in stock before coming up to the clinic. When you arrive to pick up your medication please be patient as we will not have more than one person inside the clinic at a time. Please maintain your distance of 2m while waiting.

Our hours will be the same as  in COVID-19 Level Three

8am-12.30pm and 2pm- 5pm Monday to Friday and Saturday 9am to 1pm.

Our Veterinarians Dr Russell Tucker, Dr Georgia Child, Dr Steve Mirams and Dr Hester Massop will be on duty over this period.

We will are closed Sundays and Public Holidays

If you do have any emergency outside of our open hours there are a number of emergency centres available including the two below.

ARC After Hours                                       

224 Albany Highway                          

Schnapper Rock, Auckland 0632          

Call 09 281 5815                                           

VSA Emergency

1 Te Apunga Place Mt Wellington, Auckland 1060

Call 09 320 5645




  • Customers coming for appointments stay in car on arrival, phone reception.
  • Once the vet is ready we will ask you to come inside the clinic and sit in one of the three designated areas.
  • Please remain in this seat.
  • The vet will come up to talk to you.
  • Nurses will take dogs to the scales for weighing
  • Please ask a nurse if you would like to buy any food or products, they will get these from the shelves.
  • 1 owner per patient.
  • Payment can be made by eftpos inside the clinic
  • Please give us 24 hrs notice for repeat prescriptions.


  • Please phone to order any food or over the counter products we will still try process payment over the phone to make the collection process quicker


  • For those who are coming to the clinic to purchase products and do not have an appointment we have a 1 in 1 out protocol.


  • When you are waiting please practice social distancing and maintain your 2m distance


  • If you have already paid for your medication/food/over the counter products please phone us when you are in the car park. We will then place the product near the door of the clinic for you to collect.


  • If payment has not been made prior to collection please come into the clinic and ask at the counter for the product you need. Remember the 1 in 1 out protocol.


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