Calming Care™ for Dog Anxiety


Calming care is a new probiotic designed to help dogs displaying anxious behaviour such as excessive vocalisation, jumping and pacing.  It helps maintain positive cardiac activity during stressful events and helps maintain a positive emotional state in dogs.
Diet-related changes in gut microbiota influence the brain via the gut-brain axis and in turn influences behaviours such as anxiety.
If anxious dogs are living in a state of chronic psychological stress can cause gastrointestinal distress and contribute to inflammatory bowel disease, suppress the immune system and contribute to skin problems such as pyoderma or skin itch.
It can also have a negative effect on the reproductive system.
Calming Care™ comes in sachets of powder that can be mixed in the usual diet.
Please phone the clinic if you would like to discuss whether Calming Care™ is ideal for your dog.

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