Preparing Your Pet for Guy Fawkes


There are several ways that you can prepare your pet for Guy Fawkes to help them through this traumatic time.

1. Feliway™ for cats or Adaptil™ for dogs.  We have an in-clinic special on Feliway- get a diffuser and 1 refill, which will last 4 weeks, for $99.00.  Adaptil collars will last 4 weeks and the special price for Guy Fawkes is $79.00.
2. Clomicalm™ is an anti-anxiety medication that needs to be commenced at least 4 weeks before Guy Fawkes to have any effect.
3. Calmex™ liquid for cats or capsules for dogs. This is a natural food supplement that needs to be commenced well before Guy Fawkes.
4. Thunder Jackets. The Thunder Jacket calming wrap applies gentle pressure, similar to swaddling an infant, in order to help your dog, feel safer and calmer. The jacket or shirt helps to calm in over 80% of cases, and can help your anxious dog with panting, scratching, digging, shaking, hiding and many other symptoms of anxiety or fear.
5. Desensitise your dog to loud noise by playing music at meal time and gradually increasing the volume of the music.
6. Which ever method that you use it also helps to keep your pet indoors at night over Guy Fawkes.
7. Diet. Royal Canin have a new diet called Calm® that contains natural supplements which reduce anxiety. This diet is currently only for cats and small dogs, and should be started well be Guy Fawkes.

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