Covid-19 Level 1 

In Level One you will be able to start coming through to the vet's consult rooms with your pets but we will require you to wear a face mask if you would like to do this.

Clinic Hours:

Monday - Friday:   8am to 6pm

Saturday:  9am-1pm

Sunday and Public Holidays: Closed

If your pet is unwell or has any medical issues requiring attention by a vet please fill in the form below prior to the appointment.

We do not have an online booking system, please make sure you still phone reception on 09 521 1457 to book your appointment.

The form below should only be completed once an appointment has already been made. Please phone 09 521 1457 to book appointments.


Kohimarama Vet Clinic has been privately owned by the same family for 35 years and endeavours to provide the highest level of medical, surgical, dental and preventative care for the local community.

Meet Russell Tucker

Russell and his wife Joanne have owned the Kohimarama Veterinary Clinic since 1984. Graduating from Massey University in 1976, Russell worked as a dairy cow veterinarian in the Waikato for 4 and a half years. He then went to Cape Town, South Africa where his interest in feline and canine medicine and surgery developed.

Returning to New Zealand he bought Kohimarama Veterinary Clinic. Russell undertook a residency in dentistry with the American Veterinary Dental College and is now a Diplomate of the College. He is registered with the American Veterinary Medical Association as a Veterinary Dental Specialist.

Russell now spends most of his time at work doing dentistry on client’s pets as well as cases referred by other practices, the NZ Police, Guide dog Services and three Zoo’s. He has treated a wide variety of Zoo animals from the smallest monkeys to Lions and Tigers.