It is important to feed puppies and kittens a good high quality commercial pet food designed for optimal growth and stick to feeding guide lines, especially with large breed dogs, to help prevent orthopaedic problems.

Growth diets are high in protein and fat to support growth and provide optimal amounts of calcium, phosphorous, upper and essential fatty acids necessary for bone formation and maturation and cartilage maturation.

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It’s that time of year again where our pets are more likely to be itching and scratching. This is uncomfortable and frustrating for them, and frustrating for us, especially if it gets to the point where our furry family members are keeping us awake scratching all night. The good news is, that while many causes of itching can be complicated, there are ways that we can manage it so that we can keep our furry friends happy and comfortable over the warm summer months.

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Now that we’re coming into the warmer months it is important to be aware of heat stress in your pets. Heat stress can be a very serious problem and in severe cases can quickly be fatal.

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It’s tempting to think that our beloved dog or cat is getting slower, sleeping more, and less active due to old age. We all know that old age is not a disease, but osteoarthritis is. Chances are your pet is probably just too sore to run, fetch the ball and jump around as they used to. Inside their inner kitten and puppy might just be bursting to get out!

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