• Due to stock shortages and supply issues we are experience from COVID we highly recommend you order your pets food and medications early this year.


  • For food, flea and worming treatments we also have an online store the link to this store is on our website (Top right corner of this page)


  • If you don’t have access to the store online please give the clinic a call.


  • Make sure you give the clinic a call to order repeat medication to last your pet over the holiday period


  • Unfortunately our cattery is closed this December 2021 and January 2022.

Clinic Open Hours Currently

8am-12.30pm and 2pm-5pm Monday to Friday

Closed Saturday and Sunday


Clinic Hours 6th December – 24th December

8am-5pm Monday to Friday

Closed Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays


Clinic Closed from 4.30pm the 24th of December until 8am the 5th January 2022


January Hours 5th January onwards

8am-5pm Monday to Friday        

9am-1pm Saturday

Closed Sundays and Public Holidays


After Hours Clinics

ARC VETS  09-281 5815

224 Albany Highway, Schnapper Rock, Auckland 0632


Manukau After Hours 09-277 8383

15 Jack Conway Avenue, Manukau City Centre, Auckland 2104


AEC 09-849 2121

97 Carrington Road, Mount Albert, Auckland 1025

VSA 09-320 5645

1 Te Apunga Place, Mount Wellington, Auckland 1060


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Level Three Open Hours

Monday - Friday: 8am-12.30pm & 2pm-5pm
Saturday:  CLOSED during Covid-19 levels 4 and 3
Sunday & Public Holidays: Closed

In Alert Level 3 you can only enter reception if you have an appointment and you must be wearing a face mask. If you are wanting to purchase product/ repeat scripts, please phone the clinic to organise a collection time.

Clients cannot enter the consult rooms. There are four designated seating areas inside reception. If all four seats are taken, please stay in your car and phone reception 09 521 1457. Only 1 client may enter the clinic with each pet.

In level 3 we can see all of our patients for any treatment they require.
Please either email us on or phone 09 521 1457 to book appointments.

Once you have booked an appointment the pre consult questionnaire below must be filled in before you arrive at the clinic.

The nurse will take your pet into the consult room to see the vet.  Once the consultation is complete, a vet or nurse will come out to the reception and discuss any treatment. Please stay seated and maintain your distance. We can process payments on the eftpos machine inside the clinic.

Please remember to keep your two-meter distance. It is very important that we all stay safe so this clinic can continue operating.

For surgical procedures, we will email you a link to online consent forms the night before surgery. If you are unable fill in these forms online just send an email confirming that you have read the document and that you give your consent.

If you would like to purchase any food or repeat medication, please phone reception so payment can be done over the phone. When you arrive at the clinic, phone us from the car park. A nurse will then place the food/medication on the collection table outside the front door to avoid you coming inside the clinic.
We now have an online store that can deliver your pet’s products to your home


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 You can now purchase your pet products from our Kohi Vet Online Store and have them delivered to your doorstep.

Products Available Online Include:
• Pet food (including prescription diet)
• Flea treatment
• Worming treatments
• Treats Cats + Dogs
• Dental Care products
• Shampoo
• Adaptil/Feliway (Products for stressed pets)

The link to our online store is on our website.

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Vanesa is well known to many of the clients at Kohimarama Veterinary Clinic where she has worked as a nurse for the past 3 ½ years.
Vanesa is an Argentinian Veterinarian who graduated from the University of Buenos Aires in 2016.
Vanesa's initial job as a Vet was in the shearing season in south Patagonia and her love for sheep was what brought her to New Zealand.

After a year of travelling around, she found a home in this country and got the opportunity to come back to the veterinary profession at Kohimarama Veterinary Clinic, where she worked as a Senior Veterinary Nurse.
In April 2021 Vanesa passed the Preliminary (MCQ) Examination section of the Australasian Veterinary Examination which allowed her to get a Limited Registration with the New Zealand Veterinary Council. This enables Vanesa to work as a veterinarian in training under the supervision of Russell Tucker.
Vanesa is hoping to sit her Final Clinical Examination in June of 2022.

Our three full-time Veterinarians are Dr Russell Tucker, Dr Georgia Child and Vanesa Flagel

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There are several ways that you can prepare your pet for Guy Fawkes to help them through this traumatic time.

1. Feliway™ for cats or Adaptil™ for dogs.  We have an in-clinic special on Feliway- get a diffuser and 1 refill, which will last 4 weeks, for $99.00.  Adaptil collars will last 4 weeks and the special price for Guy Fawkes is $79.00.
2. Clomicalm™ is an anti-anxiety medication that needs to be commenced at least 4 weeks before Guy Fawkes to have any effect.
3. Calmex™ liquid for cats or capsules for dogs. This is a natural food supplement that needs to be commenced well before Guy Fawkes.
4. Thunder Jackets. The Thunder Jacket calming wrap applies gentle pressure, similar to swaddling an infant, in order to help your dog, feel safer and calmer. The jacket or shirt helps to calm in over 80% of cases, and can help your anxious dog with panting, scratching, digging, shaking, hiding and many other symptoms of anxiety or fear.
5. Desensitise your dog to loud noise by playing music at meal time and gradually increasing the volume of the music.
6. Which ever method that you use it also helps to keep your pet indoors at night over Guy Fawkes.
7. Diet. Royal Canin have a new diet called Calm® that contains natural supplements which reduce anxiety. This diet is currently only for cats and small dogs, and should be started well be Guy Fawkes.

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Calming care is a new probiotic designed to help dogs displaying anxious behaviour such as excessive vocalisation, jumping and pacing.  It helps maintain positive cardiac activity during stressful events and helps maintain a positive emotional state in dogs.
Diet-related changes in gut microbiota influence the brain via the gut-brain axis and in turn influences behaviours such as anxiety.
If anxious dogs are living in a state of chronic psychological stress can cause gastrointestinal distress and contribute to inflammatory bowel disease, suppress the immune system and contribute to skin problems such as pyoderma or skin itch.
It can also have a negative effect on the reproductive system.
Calming Care™ comes in sachets of powder that can be mixed in the usual diet.
Please phone the clinic if you would like to discuss whether Calming Care™ is ideal for your dog.

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What is a wellness examination?

A wellness examination is a routine medical examination of a pet who appears healthy, as opposed to an examination of a pet who is ill. A wellness examination may also be called a 'check-up' or a 'physical examination'. The focus of a wellness examination is the maintenance of optimal health.

How often should my pet have a wellness examination?
The answer to this question depends on your pet’s age and current health status. During early life, wellness exams are recommended monthly, while for the average adult pet, annual wellness examinations are the norm, and semi-annual examinations are recommended for middle aged, senior, and geriatric pets.
Pets age at a faster rate than people. In one calendar year a pet may age the equivalent of four to sixteen years in a human's life. The reason for this dramatic difference is that puppies and kittens reach maturity very quickly and are essentially adolescents or young adults by one year of age; therefore, they are considered to be the equivalent of 15 or 16 years old by their first birthday. During the second year, the rate of aging slows down a little so that your pet will be the equivalent of about 24 or 25 years old by their second birthday. After that, the rate of aging stabilizes.
Your veterinarian is in the best position to recommend how often your pet should have a wellness examination based on its age, lifestyle, and health status.

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