Atopic Dermatitis in Dogs (Grass and Pollen Allergies)

Canine Atopy… what can you do about those bothersome itches?
Just like humans, some dogs are prone to spring allergies. Due to the excess pollen in the environment, you may see them start licking/gnawing their paws, rubbing their face on various surfaces, and rolling on their backs… all for a bit longer than usual. This constant itching may traumatise the skin and cause infection. To nip the itch in the bud, we recommend Cytopoint®. Cytopoint® is an injectable product that completely relieves itching for 4 to 8 weeks.
It acts on the itch receptors of the body, suppressing them so the brain is not signaled to chew/scratch/lick/bite. Thus, providing much-needed relief. Cytopoint® is safe to use in dogs of any age, and it does not have any adverse effects. Moreover, it may be used in conjunction with other medications your pet may be on. The injection itself is painless, administered under a fold of skin, thus making the visitations to the clinic quite straightforward.
Certain Omega fatty acids (Omega 3 and 6) provide some relief for many pets. Many dogs will also benefit from frequent bathing with special shampoos, sprays, or mousses, because allergens can be absorbed through the skin.
All of these products are available at Kohimarama Veterinary Clinic. You are welcome to come in and discuss them with the staff.

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