Tips for a HOT summer:

Our main concern with pets is the way that they deal with heat.
Cats tend to enjoy warmer weather, but they still need to keep cool.
Dogs do not sweat like us, they rely on panting as a way of cooling down.
Remember, heat stroke is an EMERGENCY.

• Never leave your pet inside of a car, even if windows are partially open. The temperature will rise and will put their lives at risk.

• Check the temperature of surfaces. If it is too hot for the reverse of your hand, it is too hot for your animal’s paws.

• Exercise your dog at the beginning or end of the day. Avoid walking during the hottest time of the day.

• Provide shade and ways of cooling down. Make sure there is always fresh water available and add ice cubes to the water bowl, or use cooling mats. Signs of dehydration in dogs include sunken eyes, dry gums, lethargy, and in worst cases, they can collapse.

Keep in mind that elderly animals, brachycephalic breeds (short nose/flat face doggies), and animals with heart conditions are at increased risk!

Extra summer tips:

• Check your pet’s vaccination status. If boosters are needed, make sure these are done at least 2 weeks before going into kennels or traveling.

• Be careful with BBQ leftovers and Christmas food, as most of these will be too fatty for your animal and may cause pancreatitis.

• Be aware of chocolate and raisins! If your animal manages to ingest either of them, please contact the Clinic as soon as possible.

• Most lawn and garden products may be hazardous. Make sure that plants and fertilizers within the dog’s reach are non-toxic.

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