BERANSA/SOLENSIA For arthritis in Cats and Dogs

Coming into spring… what do you need to keep an eye out for?
Your 7 years + pet may start showing a sudden deterioration in mobility. This may present as slowness in getting up after laying down for a while, not keeping up on walks as they would before, reluctance to play, or even as simple as sleeping a lot.
This negative gait change correlates with the change in season… so, let’s put a spring in your animal’s step!

How can you do that?
Let me introduce to you a product that is receiving great feedback from our older arthritic animals- an injectable monthly treatment that goes by the name of beransa (for dogs)/solencia (for cats).
Each dose contains monoclonal antibodies that target NGF or nerve growth factor thus suppressing neurogenic inflammation and reducing pain greatly. We must remember that osteoarthritis is a painful condition, and controlling the pain of an animal is the responsibility of every single pet owner. We have seen several cases now of dogs suddenly finding the urge to jump into the car after years of needing to be picked up or cats venturing outside and going on little adventures after being classified as an ‘indoor cat that mostly sleeps’.

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