Fireworks season is coming! It requires planning ahead.

How to manage fireworks fear in pets:

• Keep them inside and create a safe environment.
• Keep more water available than usual, as some pets tend to drink more when nervous.
• Take them outside on a lead if they require toileting.
• Make sure your pets are wearing a collar with ID tag or that their microchip information is up to date.
Drug free remedies:
• Synthetic pheromone sprays, like Feliway for cats and Adaptil for dogs: gives them a sense of well-being.
• Play calming music to reduce stress.
• Ears muffs to muffle sounds.
• Classical counter-conditioning – give them treats, offer your pet his favourite toys, or have your pet practice his tricks with you.
• Use calming wraps like ThunderShirt, that reduces anxiety by applying constant pressure to the chest.

If your pet is nervous around loud, unexpected noises, a short-term sedative before the fireworks start may be ideal.

Most importantly: DO NOT USE ANY OF YOUR OWN PRESCRIPTIONS, as dosage may be potentially harmful.
Now is a good time to have a consultation with our veterinarians regarding fireworks fear. Every individual is different and if medication is needed, it might require trialling different drugs and doses.

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