Arthritis and Seasonal Influences

We are currently seeing many more cats and dogs coming into the clinic recently with painful joints.

The presenting signs are:
• Stiffness, especially when getting up in the morning.
• Reluctance to walk, play, or climb stairs.
• More irritable or stubborn.
• Swelling of joints.
• Licking or grooming joints.

It is important to watch your pet’s weight and take steps to reduce it if needed. Exercise in moderation and try to avoid energetic activities such as chasing a ball or jumping. Ensure that your dog has a thick comfortable bed away from draughts.
We have found the changing seasons to have a profound effect on the inflammation of joints. At the moment this may also be exacerbated by more frequent walks some dogs are getting whilst their owners are in lockdown.

Pentosan™ is a drug that we have used for a long period of time. For the treatment of arthritis, and we find it extremely effective.
Pentosan™ works by:
• Improving cartilage healing.
• Improving joint fluid production.
• It is anti-inflammatory, thereby minimizing pain.
• Maximizes healing in the joints.

Initially Pentosan™ is given as a course of four injections, with the injections given weekly. Then we give a single injection every one to three months depending on the severity of the arthritis. Synovan™, which is Pentosan™ with glucosamine added, is now our treatment of choice for arthritis.

Feel free to phone the clinic to discuss the options that are now available for treating your pets’arthritis.

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